Alpseleration — Day 4

Let’s get something done today…

Today was supposed to be my day of executing on that to do list. Actioning like a mofo. However, over the previous 3 days I’ve come to realise I’ve been looking at this week all wrong. You can build and code just about anywhere. However, you rarely get the opportunity to stay in a luxurious chalet set in such an energising and inspirational location. This is not the time for doing. It’s a time for being.

The key to creativity is having the time to reflect on and process thoughts and ideas. Being sat at a desk in an office will not bring about breakthroughs and epiphanies. On the other hand mountain walks, treks through a forest and “bouncing on a log” will.

We therefore spent today thinking more about the next stage of the Happy Startup School and how we were going to serve our community. We had lots of exciting ideas for events and services that we could offer, including a new tier of membership for more experienced founders. So with not a little anxiety, I let go of my need to move items from my “to do list” to my “done list” on Trello and devoted my energy to exploring possibilities and opportunities. Working ON the business not IN the business.

Today was also a time for giving back to the area. Morillon is a seasonal town that relies heavily on tourism. One of the reasons for staying at Le Badney was to help shape how the chalet could be turned into a retreat for business types who wanted to find something beyond the corporate rat race.

Andrew, the owner, had kindly opened up the space to us to help him explore the possibilities for creating this alternative business venue. With the expert facilitation of Jon Barnes we ran a “World Cafe” during which all the teams came together to feedback on how Le Badney could develop and how we interpreted Andrew’s vision. It was a great session with lots of really interesting view points and ideas.


This evening’s meal was “death by cheese”, otherwise known as fondue. It was delicious and much thanks to Jon and Carl who’s job it was to cook this evening. However, I will not be eating cheese for the rest of the month…

Random things things I’ve learned

iVoxing (RANDOM)
Rorie introduced a new verb to my vocabulary while we were waiting for dinner… “to iVox”. It’s impossible to describe in words without sounding completely crazy and so just watch the video below to see iVoxing in action…

3 Growth Hacks (USEFUL)
Gary introduced us to this talk by Josh Elman from a company called Greylock Partners. The name of the talk is “3 Growth Hacks” and while a bit technical is useful for anyone trying to grow the user base for their product or service.

Baremetrics (USEFUL)
If you use Stripe to collect payments online this is an awesome tool that provides insights into how you’re sales are performing, particularly if you’re running subscription service.

Imperative (CURIOUS)
This is an online personality test that helps you understand how to get the most out of your work. It asks you a series of questions and then uses those answers to define your Purpose Type, or work personality, and your Purpose Drivers, or the elements that define your ideal workplace. You can then use these results to help you decide what you should focus on in order to be your best self at work and in your community. Here’s a snapshot of my results to give you an idea of what the output looks like…

Snapshot from

While we were intensively ideating and thingifying (such a great word) Jack was busy putting together a new viral sensation that will be hitting the interwebs over the next few days. Borne of his need to get more people into nature and getting energy from the outdoors he put together (in 2 days and all on an iPhone) this hilariously awesome rap video (read more about it here).

Previous posts in this series

I’m currently on a journey to build a world where we all find that thing that lights our fire and drives us to positively contribute to those around us. We’re doing this by growing The Happy Startup School into a worldwide community of purpose driven entrepreneurs and changemakers. If you’re interested in helping our mission then check us out! You can find me on Twitter as @kungfucarlos and @happystartups.

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