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Letter sent on Dec 6, 2016

Building startups that matter

Four years ago, almost to the day, I co-founded The Happy Startup School with an old school friend to encourage more budding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Not any old entrepreneurs though – rather a unique group of people that started businesses for reasons other than money.

Despite this the great majority of entrepreneurs are still on a treadmill– chasing investment and growth, without even stopping to consider why.

They do what they think they should be doing, typically following someone else’s ideals — whether that be investors, partners or shareholders.

We find one simple question cuts through all this:

“What will your epitaph say?”

This can shake them up a little.


“Yes, your epitaph. What will people miss about you, and your business, when it’s gone?”

Not did it buy you that beachside condo in the Caribbean, but did it make other people’s lives meaningfully better – in a way they’ll never forget?

On the quiet over these last 4 years we’ve built up a grass-roots movement of 100,000 founders from around the world that care more about their legacy, rather than exit, strategy.

These trailblazers are creating companies they’d never sell — meaningful companies.

Our community is proof that it’s possible to balance purpose and profit. And not just possible, it makes perfect business sense.

To help more people start companies on the right footing, we’re releasing a series of free lessons on Medium on how to build a startup that matters. The first of which, on Purpose, is now live.

We also recorded a free startup class where myself and Carlos dive deeper into the 8 steps and show how you can turn your ideas into a world-changing business.

We believe business can, and should be, a force for good.

Laurence McCahill

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