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Letter sent on Aug 27

Calling all purpose people of the world – this one’s for you

Greetings fellow travellers,

hope you’re having a good Summer, whether that’s battling airports, kids, strange food or wild boars on the beach (just ask my co-founder Carlos…).

We’re in the throws of preparing for our 6th annual Summercamp in September as well as something a little different the following month.

Alptitude USA will be a more intimate gathering for a small group of committed founders and leaders that, like us, are bored to death with run-of-the-mill networking events and don’t want a minute by minute agenda handed to them, but rather value space and time with like minds.

After the success of our first US retreat last year (read the write-up here) we’re heading back to Oregon again this October.

Last year we hosted a group of invited entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders to Mount Hood, Oregon (just 90 minutes from our fave US city Portland) for 7 beautiful days of peer-to-peer support in tandem with some incredible shared experiences in nature.

It was an adventure none of us will forget. We hiked, biked, rafted, paused, and experienced an openness that is rare in life, not to mention business circles.

We were wowed by the magical landscape of Oregon and some amazing humans that joined us, such as the super talented sweethearts Nathan and Ada (pictured below), who Carlos hosted an inspiring podcast with earlier this month (and who’ll be flying in from Seattle to sprinkle their musical magic at Summercamp).

We fell in love with Mount Hood and Hood River and can’t wait to return again this October.

Alptitude brings together a small group of 25 purpose-driven people for a life enhancing week of connection and conversation. Previous Alptitudes have led to personal and professional breakthroughs that otherwise would have taken months or years to get to.

“An adventure that changed how I approach life, people and business.” — Haje Jan Kamps, VC, USA
“I have had breakthroughs for myself and helped others achieve theirs. The balance between moderation, serendipity and activity, was perfect for me. I will cherish the experience, the friends I made and the memories I keep.” — Jeroen Meens, Entrepreneur, Netherlands

15 spaces have already gone, meaning we’re on the lookout for 10 others to join us. Maybe this could be you? If so get the lowdown here or watch the videos to hear what others had to say.

We already have an incredible group coming including startup founders, community builders, creatives, budding entrepreneurs and conscious leaders from the US, Europe and South America.

There’s room for a handful more people that are looking for some much needed space to get clarity on their next move and value sharing experiences with a small group of likeminded people on a similar path and want to feel the power of our incredible community at first-hand.

To find out more and how to secure a place visit www.alptitu.de/usa.

This could be the week that leads you to the life and business you want to lead, and the people that can help you get there — whether you’re 10 years in or taking those first tricky steps.

Until next time.

The Happy Startup School