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3 min readMar 11


Can you believe how far you’ve come?

This was a question put forward by someone at last week’s Ideas Café.

We were listening to people’s life stories to find the thread that could help them tell the story of the work they do today (and why).

It got me thinking.

When we feel stuck we can be really hard on ourselves.
It can feel like we don’t know what to do — or never have done.

But the truth is we’ve done hard things before.
Yet we rarely pause to take stock and reflect.

If you look back 5 or 10 years, the chances are you’ve made progress you take for granted.

Maybe it’s time you gave yourself more credit for how far you’ve come.

As it was International Women’s Day this week I wanted to give a special shout-out to two special women.

Abby Moreton and Claire Knill are unsung heroes that bring the magic and sparkle to our events.

We’d be lost without them.

When you come to Summercamp or Alptitude you don’t see the Trello boards, spreadsheets, Typeforms and hard graft that go into putting on events like these.

But you might notice the little touches that make them unique.

This doesn’t happen by luck, but by knowing what it means to host an amazing experience and a sheer love, like us, of bringing people together.

We’re lucky that our community is full of amazing women that inspire and support us every day.

I could mention so many more, but for now want to celebrate these special humans.

They make planning our events a joy.

Here’s to many more adventures together.

The Friday Fireside returns!

Friday 21st April 12pm BST

We’ll be starting a new series of our weekly live podcast next month. We’re super excited about some of the guests we’ve got lined up, and will be starting with a bang. Make sure you follow us on on Crowdcast to be kept notified of future events or listen to the back catalogue of 100 episodes here.

Upcoming retreats from the community

Nourish retreat

23 March, Cambridge, UK

One of our recent Vision 20/20 alumni Henri Stevenson is hosting a one day retreat for professional women. A day to re-energise and refocus your mind whilst connecting with nature in the wonderful surroundings of PAUS in Cambridgeshire — learn more

Icebreakers retreat

21–23 April, Bath, UK

Our good friend Tim Bowles is hosting a powerful wellbeing retreat for men at his beautiful glamping site near Bath in April with breathwork, ice bath, fire building, amazing food and much more — more info



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