Dear entrepreneur. Don’t be a martyr.

I meet lots of entrepreneurs that really struggle with self-care.

They’re kind to everyone but themselves.

But it’s so important to do this — it’s not selfish.

This quote from Adam Grant addresses this head on, from his book Give & Take:

“Otherish giving means being willing to give more than you receive, but still keeps your own interests in sight, using them as a guide for choosing when, where, how and whom to give. When concern for others is coupled with a healthy dose of concern for self, givers are less prone to burn out and get burned.”

So it turns out that selfless givers are actually less generous — they run out of energy, time and resources, because they basically don’t take enough care of themselves.

So don’t be a martyr, be kind to yourself. It will make you a better leader.

Be kind to yourself and take a day out to do nothing at



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Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill


Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.