Design the long life you love

For those of us born in the West today, living to 100 will be the norm not the exception. I wrote a post about this recently.

Living longer is clearly a gift and thrilling should we stay in good health, but the simple truth is these extra 25 to 30 years of life did not exist before.

This new horizon is as important and exciting as the invention of motion pictures, cars or even space travel.

When a change this big happens, innovation follows.

On this week’s Friday Fireside we’re delighted to be joined by the creative tour de force that is Ayse Birsel.

Ayse is the author of Design the Life You Love, A step-by-step guide to Building A Meaningful Future.

As well as being on the Thinkers 50 shortlist for talent she is the co-founder and Creative Director of Birsel + Seck, a studio where Ayse designs award-winning products for companies including Herman Miller, GE, IKEA, Philips, Staples and Toyota.

On this Fireside Ayse will share more about her research for her new book Design The Life You Love.

Conducted with people 65 and over, she’ll explain how the lessons from these pioneers of life can serve us all — designers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders — in our work, our lives, and the lives of others, regardless of age.

Hope you can join us at 12pm BST on Friday and bring your questions for Ayse.


And some exciting news…

🏕 Ayse will be speaking at Happy Startup Summercamp in September!

She’ll be giving a talk and running a deeper dive workshop around Design The Long Life You Love. Pre-register here to get on the waiting list for the remaining places.

Have a great week.



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