Happy Startup Stories from Dream Valley: #6 Carl Jeffrey

The sixth in our series of stories from Alpselerator, a week-long startup experiment in the mountains of Morillon.

By Carlos Saba, Co-founder of The Happy Startup School

In the middle of October 2015 we took 6 teams out to Morillon in the French Alps on an experiment to see whether the mountains could help us accelerate our ideas.

The theory was that by being together in an inspirational setting with likeminded, driven people, we could make much more progress than if we just worked separately in our offices back in the UK (more about what we did over that week here).

Carl Jeffrey was part of the WorkSnug team with Jon Markwell. Here’s what he had to say about his experience over the 7 days.

Watch the interview with Carl here (2:30 mins):

Or read the transcript below:

Who are you?
Hi, I’m Carl Jeffrey. I’m @fellowcreative on Twitter. My background is as a designer. I’ve founded my own co-working space and I’m a wannabe product owner.

Why are you here?
I’m here as part of team WorkSnug. Our task for the week was to launch and get pre-orders for an e-book. The book is about helping people to get more comfortable and productive in their work space.

What has shaped you?
The thing that has most changed me was travelling around and living in New Zealand for 6 months. In order to get there I had to kill my fear of flying. While I was there I did a 134 metre bungee jump which killed my fear of heights. Both those experiences made me realise that I wanted to challenge myself further and that I wasn’t really taking enough risks in my life. Up until then I would apply my time, effort and energy to anything but in terms of risk I had always fallen a little bit short. That’s probably been the most fundamental change in my life and since then I’ve taken more risks.

What are you proud of?
In terms of the achievement I’m most proud of, I can’t name one particular thing. However, over the years I’ve been very privileged to be able to teach. And through the community connections I made and the people I’ve met I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to help quite a few people. The positive impact I’ve been able to have on these people has been an achievement that really proud about.

What did you get from this week?
As well as the mountain air I’ve been able to get the air of productivity. The people here are fantastic. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster journey filled with high energy and lots of long days but I’ve thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Find out more about the teams

The Alpselerator teams were, in no particular order:

Also thanks to Rorie, Kate and Chalet Badney for our wonderful home for the week.

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