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🔥 How Holstee started a movement from their manifesto

In the summer of 2009, brothers Dave and Mike Radparvar decided to quit their jobs in the heat of the recession to go all-in on their passion project — Holstee, at the time a functional and sustainable t-shirt company they had started with their friend Fabian Pfortmüller.

Since then they’ve pivoted many times. Though what they’ve done and how they’ve done it has changed, why they’re doing what they do has always remained the same.

And it all stemmed from the above manifesto they first created when they launched their company. You might well recognise it as its been so widely shared over the years.

This manifesto has caught the imagination of people and companies around the world, has been viewed millions of times and translated into over 14 different languages.

Holstee is about helping people live lives full of purpose and meaning. They sell a range of physical products as well as the Holstee Membership, Reflection Cards, and the recently-launched

In this week’s episode of our Friday Fireside Crowdcast we’ll be talking to Dave about how the company was started, how it has evolved and what it means to live a meaningful life.

If you’ve ever come across the Holstee manifesto, bought any of their products or have a wish to build a business that scales its impact through its values and not just by selling lots of products, then join us to learn from Dave’s story.


If you can’t join us live, follow the same link for the recording afterwards

Ever been to a purpose pageant? No, me neither.

Most likely as the world’s first (probably) purpose pageant is happening this Thursday evening led by two legends from our community Marianne Powell and David Papa. Each of them is bringing their unique gifts, to help you find yours.

If you like the sound of unlocking your purpose through improvised songs, humour and conversation then join Marianne and David for this one-off fundraising event. More info and how to sign up here.

All proceeds to go supporting Ukraninan families 🇺🇦

🗻 Last call for Alptitude

Just a couple of spots now left for our Alpine retreat for purpose-driven leaders this June. Get your application in today and we’ll invite you to our virtual Open Day on Friday.

Have a great week.



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