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How internet influencers tell you to do business (and why this won’t work for you)

  • Find a guru
  • Follow their 7 step plan
  • Commit to doing the work
  • Hustle hard to hit your goals
  • Master click funnels, paid ads, marketing plans & sales
  • Become an Insta-clone selling the same thing to the same people in the same way
  • Accept that burnout is part of the journey

Thankfully, there’s another way

  • We had a need for community
    To belong and work with people we loved
  • We had a need for creativity
    To build something that harnessed our strengths and interests
  • We had a need for learning
    To keep growing as individuals and leaders
  • We had a need for impact
    To know the work we were doing was truly helping others
  • We’ve been able to let go of future expectations while still driving towards goals
  • We’ve been able to work with money while not being driven by it
  • We’ve been able to create experiences that don’t feel like work
  • Business for us has become an adventure and a journey of learning and growth
  • The impact we make guides what we do next
  • The money we make allows us to keep making that impact

Leading with needs

Join us on the path to excitement

  • Find more excitement from your work in 2022
  • Get clear on your dream customers
  • Learn how to work with money more powerfully


The Fireside returns

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