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If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur you’re supposed to think big.

You’re led to believe that you need to exude the confidence of Tony Robbins and scale your business to make your mark.

And it all needs to be done yesterday. After all, time is money right?

The path to success usually goes like this:

  • Find a guru
  • Follow their 7 step plan
  • Commit to doing the work
  • Hustle hard to hit your goals
  • Master click funnels, paid ads, marketing plans & sales
  • Become an Insta-clone selling the same thing to the same people in the same way
  • Accept that burnout is part of the journey

But that can’t work for you. Because we know you’re made of something different.

And because of that difference you can sometimes feel like you don’t fit in.

Or even worse alone and lost.

We know what it feels like to be a misfit in business, because we’ve been there ourselves.

That’s why we set out on the path less travelled. Because we hadn’t found a home for entrepreneurs like us, we created one.

We started out on this mission not focused on scale and growth at all costs like we were led to believe, but focused on what we needed.

In short: what we felt was missing in our world and the world.

  • We had a need for community
    To belong and work with people we loved
  • We had a need for creativity
    To build something that harnessed our strengths and interests
  • We had a need for learning
    To keep growing as individuals and leaders
  • We had a need for impact
    To know the work we were doing was truly helping others

These needs have guided us better than any business model or 7 point plan could have ever done.

Regularly tuning into our needs has helped us to quickly respond to change and explore new opportunities when we were feeling de-energised by what we were doing.

  • We’ve been able to let go of future expectations while still driving towards goals
  • We’ve been able to work with money while not being driven by it
  • We’ve been able to create experiences that don’t feel like work
  • Business for us has become an adventure and a journey of learning and growth
  • The impact we make guides what we do next
  • The money we make allows us to keep making that impact

If like us you’re struggling to get motivated by the money, the fame and the hustle required to follow the cookie cutter approach to business, then maybe you need to tune in to what you really need.

And crucially start tuning out the critical voices that aren’t helping you, or even make you feel worse about yourself and your work.

Leading with needs

Needs are the starting point that help us know what the next step should be, even if we’re not sure exactly where that might lead.

By building a business that aims to satisfies your core needs (as well as those of your customers) you’re creating the building blocks of your excite strategy.

You’re building a business that you’d never want to sell, rather than one you want to offload in 5 years.

To support you on this path to more fulfilment and flow from your work and business, we’re hosting a rare half-day online workshop tomorrow (Wed 2nd Feb), where all participants will get to experience some of the most powerful exercises from our Vision 20/20 program.

Over the course of an afternoon together (or morning if you’re in the US) with a small group of peers we’ll help you:

  • Find more excitement from your work in 2022
  • Get clear on your dream customers
  • Learn how to work with money more powerfully

There’s a ready-made tribe of people that can support you towards a version of success that works for you. So there’s no need to struggle alone.

So forget the snake oil sales tactics and join us on Wednesday at 2pm GMT / 3pm CET to take the first steps to doing business your way.

As well as this, our Fireside returns this Friday where we’ll be joined by our fellow coach on the program Lana Jelenjev, as well as some alumni from our recently graduated tribe, who will be sharing the power of working with needs, and building their business from the inside-out. Register here to join us.

20 founders · 20 weeks · 1 goal

We’re gearing up for next week’s Vision 20/20 Open Day for Tribe 5 which starts in March. All these events are ways for you to experience what it feels like to approach business differently this year and harness the power of mentors and a supportive community that makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

We won’t run this program until later in the year so this is your last chance to embark on this journey of self-discovery and creation, where we get you launching new ideas towards your excite strategy.

Applications close this Sunday February 6th. Tribe 5 starts March 1st.
We’ll be in touch soon after to arrange a discovery call to see if it’s a good fit for you.

“Through this journey I have learned that wanting to be seen and to shine isn’t bad; it is actually the essence of being alive. Without knowing it, you have given me the permission to be alive! I can never thank you enough for that.”
– Véronique Peron, France

“It was really being in my ‘buddy’ group with one mentor (Carlos) and 6 beautiful other people over the course of the program that made this an extraordinary experience. What I learned about myself and through my colleagues in this small group will remain the deepest and most important treasures of the whole experience, and to watch each person as they learned and grew and to be a part of it — absolutely priceless.”
– Craig Roberts, USA

“Vision 20/20 has been an invaluable journey: it’s opened the door to get ideas flowing from my head out into the world…AND an opportunity to meet and spend time with super insightful others.”
– Ben Johnson, UK




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