How to create a brand people love ♥️

Laurence McCahill
Oct 15 · 6 min read

“The best brands make you *feel* something.” John Kearon

What makes people love a brand or business?

It’s a simple question, but one that doesn’t necessarily have a simple answer.

Love is a word you don’t hear often in business — some people shy away from it, it’s too soft and fluffy for the traditional business heads out there.

However every business wants loyal, passionate customers that regularly spend money with them and tell their friends, but a fancy logo or glossy campaign won’t help them create an undying bond with their customers.

The first lesson of branding: you only get love back if you put love in.

Any makers or creative entrepreneurs out there will already know this of course. That to make something useful or even beautiful requires love, care and attention to bring into the world.

Not to mention patience.

And that attention to detail will help you find your first customer, and the second. And this is how it starts, one person at a time on your way to reaching your 1,000 true fans.

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Since working with companies of all sizes for more than 20 years I’ve been fascinated by why we go crazy for some brands and not others:

Patagonia ad from 2013

These are questions that I’ve been chewing on these last few years since building The Happy Startup School and I’ve distilled my learnings below to help you build your own brand that people love.

In summary

I hope this gives you some food for thought as you look to build your brand and community.

Great brands don’t happen overnight. It can take years of dedication and a bit of luck. But the main thing is to start with the right intention — putting purpose before profit — and you’ll be on the right lines.

Go forth and spread goodness.

Laurence McCahill
Co-founder The Happy Startup School

📖 Some great books on branding:

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