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How we can help you in 2022

Hello there

whether you’ve followed us for years or you’re new here I thought now might be a good time to remind you why we exist, what we actually do and how you might want to get more support from us and better harness the power of our friendly, thriving community in 2022.

We now have more than 135,000 of you lovely people following us and we’d love to get to know more of you. Read on to hear about ways you can get more involved.

Well this is as good a place to start as any…
The Happy Startup School summed up in a sentence.

This tatty card is from a Very Clear Ideas session we had with our good friend Charles Davies in 2015, shortly before we closed our agency to fully commit to realising our vision for The Happy Startup School.

Charles has a gift for helping anyone to capture a vision in a few, simple words. It’s not necessarily something we share publicly, but it’s driven our work since that day.

This was his response the other day when I dug out this card and shared it:

“It’s amazing isn’t it? That you can spend a morning getting clear on something and then it can still work as an accurate guide and reference years and years later.”

It sure is.

Me and Carlos at Summercamp in 2019, we can’t wait to return this year

Whether we’re hosting a Zoom call or Crowdcast, designing a program, curating a festival or just going on a walk, the environment might be different but the aim is always the same.

To give space for your ideas, where you get to say your dreams out loud and where you can start to build the confidence and courage to take small steps towards work that nourishes you. Now. Not in 5 years. Or when you think you’ll be ready.

And crucially, not to go on this journey alone.

For many that we work with this means starting something new, but it can also mean pivoting what you’re doing or even closing one chapter to leave room for what might come next.

We’ve learnt that when you feel safe and supported, where you can just show up as yourself without judgement, anything is possible.

We’ve seen again and again that we’re all capable of more than we believe possible together.

Johann Hari captures this in his wonderful book Lost Connections:

“You need to have a community. You need to have meaningful values, not the junk values you’ve been pumped full of all your life. You need to have meaningful work. You need the natural world…. You need connections to all these things.”

Our mission is to create a happier world through re-connection, starting with ourselves. We believe we can only change the world, if we change our world.

So this is what drives us. A desire to inspire, empower and connect those taking the path less travelled.

You could call it a home for folks like us. Because we haven’t found it anywhere else.

💛 “This is a school to learn from beauties — teachers, buddies and mentors — that see amazingness in other people’s nuttiness.” Rula Giakoumi, UK

Here’s what we’re planning in 2022

If you’re looking to level up your learning, growth and community

🎓 Our flagship group coaching program: Vision 20/20

Next tribe starts in March. 20 founders · 20 weeks · 1 goal

Vision 20/20 is an invite-only program for entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches seeking new horizons. A journey of discovery towards a new, exciting vision for you and your work. With our mentorship and the support of a small group of likeminded peers from around the world we’ll help you to:

  • Rediscover your mojo
  • Move away from selling your time
  • Craft a vision that excites you
  • Move from idea to action
  • Get in the shipping habit

👉🏻 Learn more at

💛 “If you do one thing in your life, join this program. You will be indefinitely better for it.” — Joel Lawton, founder, UK

ps. Carlos and I are also running a half-day online workshop on Wed 2nd Feb capturing the essence of what we teach on the program but for those that aren’t yet ready for a deeper dive journey over 20 weeks (or want to get a taste of it).

🏔 Our annual leadership retreat: Alptitude

18–25th June 2022, Morillon, French Alps

After a 2 year break due to Covid, Alptitude is back this coming June. Once again 25 purpose-driven leaders will come together for a unique, meaningful experience in stunning natural surroundings. A 7 day reset where you’ll get a bird’s eye view on your business and work, think bigger and level up your mindset, learning and network.


💛 “An adventure that changed how I approached business, people and life.” Haje Jan Kamps, serial entrepreneur, VC and author, USA

🏕 Our spiritual home: Happy Startup Summercamp

16–18 September 2022, Sussex, UK

Summercamp where our vision comes to life — the annual gathering of the thriving global community we’ve built. At this year’s event we’ll celebrate our 10th year anniversary and will welcome 150 changemakers to once again gather in the beautiful Sussex countryside. At Summercamp you’ll find inspiration all around, learn things you didn’t know about work and life (and yourself) — and make incredible bonds with new friends from all around the world. Many tell us it’s the best event they’ve ever been to. And it’s definitely not just for startups.


💛 “I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It had the aura of a dream. I was astonished by it all.” John Parkin, author F**k It books

💬 Our online courses & community

Become a member and get year-round peer support in your pocket

By subscribing as a member you’ll get access to our Purpose + Profit online course, a library of masterclasses and videos, not to mention a discussion board where you can ask questions and get support from other founders, coaches, creatives and changemakers that are doing business differently. Learn at your own pace or join regular live events such as co-working sessions, marketing masterminds, member socials and deep discussions on all aspects of the purposeful entrepreneurship journey.


💛 “Having a community like the one The Happy Startup School has created is invaluable because they care about you and they care about your success. If you don’t have a community, you can’t benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience.” Chris Chopyak, author of Picture Your Business Strategy, USA

And if you’re not able to join any of these there’s always our blog, podcast and live weekly Fireside chats.

From Brighton with love,

Laurence McCahill (and Carlos Saba)
The Happy Startup School



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Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill

Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.