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3 min readFeb 14, 2024


It’s time to create your excite strategy

On today of all days 💛

1500 days.

When was the last time you committed this time to one project?

Confession: It’s very rare that I do.

Like a lot of creative entrepreneurs I tend to get bored quite quickly.

So I’m still amazed that I’ve devoted the bulk of my work life over the last 1500 days (4 and a bit years) to one project.

And even more amazed that I’m just as in love with it as I was on Day 1.

So I wanted to share this excitement as we launch another epic cohort of our Vision 20/20 group coaching program next month.

We’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpet, but having now supported 160 people over 8 cohorts I can say with 100% confidence that we can help you:

  • Create an exciting new 10 year vision for you and your business
    whether you’re starting out or levelling up
  • Say HELL YEAH to the work that lights you up
    …and start to say HELL NO to what doesn’t
  • Bring new product ideas to life
    and make MORE income and impact with much LESS effort
  • Unlock incredible levels of support and collaboration
    that will serve you for many years to come
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs
    and stop getting in your own way

What is Vision 20/20?

It’s our flagship program that people keep talking about.

Over 20 weeks we mentor and guide 20 founders and solopreneurs to a more effortless way to income and impact — and one that feels more you.

People tell us it’s the online program that never feels like an online program.

We’ve brought 20 years of learning and product design to create this life changing experience that gets better with each cohort:

“Vision 20/20 is powerful sh*t. I’ve told sooo many people about it. This is clearing the path for so much. It’s saved me so much time and would have saved me a tonne of money had I taken in 10 years ago! It’s really powerful, so powerful.” — Georgina Jones, Tribe 8

We’d love for you to experience it for yourself and benefit from the unparalleled mentoring and peer support, not to mention the mindset and skillsets to required to transform your business and work life.

Our thriving alumni are living proof that there is a new idea, product or project within you waiting to be explored. One that will become a pathway to a more purposeful and profitable future.

That is what Vision 20/20 has become for us — and how we meet our needs for learning, growth and connection.

Join us on Tribe 9 and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you get this too.

In my next post we’ll dive more into how we engineer serendipity for our cohorts so that everyone makes more progress together than they ever would alone.

Until then,

Laurence & Carlos

ps. If you’re ready to craft YOUR excite strategy for your business — and get excited about the future again then register your interest today and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call.



Laurence McCahill
The Happy Startup School

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