Millionaires and the surprising truth about their money worries

Money. (image credit Irene Vidaurri Zubeck on flickr)

Meet the millionaires

‘Money is freedom.’ she said. ‘It’s success, and it’s security.’ And ‘Money is an enabler.’

What money really is

What is money? — by participants of a money workshop hosted by Tom Nixon

Whatever stories you have about money, are what money becomes for you, for as long as you are attached to those stories.

Money has no fundamental nature, good or bad. It has no will of its own to do or be anything.

Our stories about money are stories about ourselves

Our stories about Money affect our behaviour

Where our stories come from

Mastering our stories

“I am secure, with and without money.”

Reclaiming the identities you fear

I’m insecure, and it’s OK.

Life without giving our power away to money

Researching and working with founders to realise big ideas and keep the startup passion forever.