Out of the Great Depression comes the Pursuit of Happiness

A prophetic excerpt from a seminal book

“Business is due for reform, make no mistake about this. The methods of the past, based upon economic combinations of force and fear, will be supplanted by the better principles of faith and co-operation.

Moreover, and this is the most important thing of all — they will be led by leaders who will understand and apply the principles employed by Mahatma Gandhi. Only in this way may leaders get from their followers the spirit of full co-operation which constitutes power in its highest and most enduring form.

This stupendous machine age in which we live, and from which we are just emerging, has taken the soul out of men…. The watchword of the future will be human happiness and contentment, and which this state of mind shall have been attained, the production will take care of itself, more effectively than anything that has ever been accomplished where men did not, and could not mix faith and individual interest with their labor.”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich (1937)

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