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Seven Seeds For Growing A Community That People Love

Back in December 2012, almost 5 years ago to the day The Happy Startup School was just an idea.

After all we’d seen after many years working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, that in the absence of values all decisions go to profits.

Building a community — by accident

This word community gets banded around more and more. But in truth, never have communities been more important than at present.

1. Focus on your why

2. Define success

3. Be authentic

4. Foster deep connections

Campfire conversations at Happy Startup Summercamp

5. Creating shared experiences

6. Share your story

Sunrise service at Happy Startup Summercamp 2017

7. Leave space for emergence

Making sense of it all

I once heard that building a community is like tending a garden.

Join our tribe of business hippies

If our why resonates with you consider joining our online tribe or one of our off grid gatherings. We’ve created a safe space where your ideas can thrive. Where you’re surrounded by a growing community of likeminded people that get you. And where you’ll get the help you need, when you need it.



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