Sitting Down with The Stooges

Guest post by Kees Klomp, author and serial entrepreneur

I have a little practice I want to share with you.

It’s a sort of guided meditation meets visualisation. It’s part of my daily routine. I call it Sitting down with the Stooges.

I imagine a room with a big dinner table.

I imagine I’m the host of this dinner party.

The room is filled with dinner-guests. It’s jam-packed.

And each of every one of my guests is welcome.

Every guest is a part of me. Every guest represents a piece of my personality.

There are guest that I like; pieces of myself I feel good about. Guests like ‘the compassionate one’, ‘the selfless one’ and/or ‘the loving-kind one’.

But there are also guest that demand acquired taste; pieces of myself I’m not to proud about. Guests like ‘the wrathful one’, ‘the aggresive one’ and/or ‘the jealous one’.

But over the years I have learned to also welcome these dark parts of me. They are as much a part of me, as the shiny happy funky stuff. I have learned the hard way that suffering starts with exclusion; with the deportation of the dark bits of yourself.

Inclusion is the only way to HappiMess…

I imagine sitting down with all of my Stooges and let each and everyone of them — me — reflect on happenings. Each and every of them — me — gets his saying.

Some talk in a sensible matter.

Some scream and yell utter bullshit.

But it’s all cool. It’s all welcome. They’re all my guests. They’re all me…

Try it for yourself. Create your own dinner party. Get to know yourself by getting to know all parts of yourself. Don’t push anything away; not even the parts that scare or shame the shit out of you! Bon appetit

Thanks to Kees for letting us re-post this from the HappiMess blog.

At The Happy Startup School we believe acceptance is at the heart of entrepreneurial happiness.