Stop Obsessing About Funding, There’s Always A Next Move With Or Without Money.

A Lack of Funding Isn’t Stopping You. The Truth Is Far More Uncomfortable.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“We just need to secure this round of investment and then we can push on.”

“If only we had more capital we could bring in the team we want.”

“We need $50k to build this app but we’re not there yet. Give it 6 months and we can really get going.”

“I’m on the lookout for a co-founder/CTO that’s keen to invest time and money into building this with me. 6 months searching and still no luck.”


The one thing that’s stopping most startup founders from really making progress.

Some seem to be able to raise money with no more than a great pitch deck and compelling story, the rest fight for the scraps and often come away empty-handed.

My advice? Don’t chase investors, chase customers.

You have no control whether you raise money, but you sure can control the relationship you build with your customers.

So start acting like a true entrepreneur and work with what you have.

Make the most of the autonomy you have with no boss. Make mistakes, fuck up, dust yourself down and get up again.

“When you take money from investors, their business model becomes yours.” Steve Blank

Innovation comes from constraints, not a big bank balance. You don’t need to lock yourself away for 6 months with your dream team creating the perfect product only to find out the world doesn’t care.

How about you make some time to have the difficult conversations and test out your idea for $50 rather than $50k.

In short: money isn’t getting in the way of your progress. You are.

There’s always a next move without it. So what’s yours?

At The Happy Startup School we help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses – with no need for the dudes in suits.



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Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill

Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.