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Letter sent on May 18

The Dying Art of Being Yourself

Too often in life we have our guard up, at great cost.

If there’s one thing we regularly hear at the events we run it’s that people come away with a feeling of acceptance.

Typically not what they came for, but way more valuable than a clever new tool or methodology.

Those that are comfortable in their own skin somehow come across as super human, but in fact they’re just being themselves. And when you discover that people love you for who you are, not what you do, it’s very empowering.

At Alptitude last year Robert from the Netherlands told us:

“Thanks for letting me be me. Because that’s something that’s not as normal as it should be.”

By creating a safe space in such an inspiring environment like the Alps, people naturally open up and let their guard down. This is why the now legendary Alptitude is known as the journey of a thousand conversations.

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