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The happiest people are the kindest 🙏

This Friday is World Kindness Day. Needed now more than ever.

When Japanese documentary maker Eiji Han Shimizu gave his now legendary talk at Happy Startup Summercamp back in 2015 this was the goosebump moment.

Eiji was sharing his findings after spending 6 years travelling around the world to 16 countries filming Happy the Movie.

“At that moment we found the secret sauce of happiness, that is applicable anywhere in the world across ethnicity or income status. It works everywhere without exception. It sounds cheesy and dogmatic but it’s true. The universal truth is happy people are kind.”

This chimes with a powerful book I read recently — Second Mountain by David Brooks — which I summarised in this post. That true happiness comes from commitment to a cause and community, not from individualism.

Where we shift from asking ‘how can I be happy?’ to ‘how can I serve others?’.

I’m delighted that Eiji will be joining us when our Friday Fireside returns this Friday 13th November on World Kindness Day.

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Eiji is without doubt one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met and so I’m really looking forward to this one and re-connecting with him after all these years.

After his visit to the UK for Summercamp Eiji left feeling inspired to create a similar event in Japan and he did just that with The Life School which is still going strong today.

His current project is an animated film depicting the stories of North Korean citizens, the ordinary people whose lives are hidden behind the headlines (he shares more in this TED talk).

On this episode of the Fireside we’re going to find out more about his latest film and the importance of feeling relatedness in order for us to act.

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You can either join us live at 12pm UK time on Friday or watch the replay via the same link afterwards.

About Eiji Han Shimizu
Eiji is known for, among other things, producing the award-winning movie Happy. During the creation of the film he travelled the world in search of the secret sauce of what makes people happy. When he came to Summercamp he told his personal story in a captivating talk early on the Saturday morning of camp. He also hosted a death bed meditation workshop which no-one who was there will ever forget. Our minds were blown.

Eiji speaking at Happy Startup Summercamp



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Laurence McCahill

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