Trust your judgement

The importance of taste in business

“We play what we want to play, what moves us. It’s not a democracy.”

These are the words of Bill Goldsmith, co-founder along with his wife Rebecca of internet radio station Radio Paradise.

Broadcast from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California their goal is ‘to bring a little Paradise into your life, wherever you’re located’.

I’ve listened to their eclectic mix of music for two decades now. Mainly because I trust their judgement, even if some of it is music I’d never normally choose to listen to.

But this is the point, it gets me out of my filter bubble and into flow.

Not enough people talk about the importance of taste.

Algorithms can only go so far. Experiences are so much more soulful with humans at the helm.

At Summercamp we hand-pick the speakers, the crew, the acts and the finer details. Creating the event that we’d love.

At Alptitude we pull together a diverse group of changemakers and experiences that live long in the memory. Creating our dream week.

On 2020 Vision we pull together the right resources at the right time to create the most impact. Creating the business school we wish we had when we started.

How can you use your taste more in your work or business?



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