Closing ceremony at ECHO Costa Rica. If you get the chance to go next year, go.

We can only innovate how we work if we innovate how we gather

You know the standard format — keynote talks with thinly veiled sales pitches. You try to ‘network’ over a terrible coffee, but something just doesn’t feel right.

Fast forward to a new age where the world is changing fast and technology is revolutionising the way we work and live. Innovation is all around.

But where’s the innovation in the way we gather? I’ve been to untold conferences and events that talk about change, but are still sharing ideas and connections in the same way.

Soulless conference centres and windowless meeting rooms aren’t where the world (or your world) gets re-invented.

Real change happens on the inside, outside

Thankfully all events are not the same.

What if we were to let you in on a secret that there are gatherings out there that place higher value on building close relationships between participants than anything else? Where gatherings happen around campfires, in the woods, on sunrise walks and over a communal banquet.

Where most of the event is the in-between bits.

Where you get to hear stories and experience workshops that shift your thinking and edge you closer to your dreams. And where you bond in a wood-fired hot tub or when trying out activities like cider making and Japanese sword fighting.

Where budding entrepreneurs, company founders, teachers, students, execs, creatives, coaches and technologists gather to change the world by changing their world.

Endorsed by The Guardian recently as one of the 10 best events in Europe and loved by everyone that comes Happy Startup Summercamp is the event that creates real change like no other.

The catch is not everyone gets in. Just 100 lucky souls make it through.

You don’t need to be super human to get in and have achieved amazing things (or be a startup). Just someone that wants to make a positive dent in the world and needs a tribe of likeminded people to support — and challenge – them along the way.

A diverse group of people from around the world make it through, but each of them shares a set of values, a mindset and a willingness to contribute as well as take. There is no ‘demographic’. Just a desire to step outside their comfort zone and experience an event that will change their life like no other. People that understand the only way you can see your ideas flourish is if you invest in yourself and your future relationships.

I’m guessing if you’ve got this far, people like you.

Does this sound like your kind of gathering? If so then apply here for one of the last few remaining spaces. Happy Startup Summercamp takes place from 15–17 September 2017. If you feel like you’re not ready, then experience tells us you probably are, you just don’t know it yet.

Thankfully we’re not alone. We have kindred spirits all around the world with communities like ECHO in Costa Rica, which we had the privilege of being part of it recently.