We made it to 7. Here’s to the next 7.

7 years ago this week The Happy Startup School was born.

Laurence McCahill
Nov 27, 2019 · 3 min read

Back then it was just an idea in our head.

We loved startups. We loved humans.

But we were getting more and more frustrated that so few others seemed to truly care about bringing these together.

Here’s a quote from our first blog:

“Too much of the startup world focuses on the mechanics of starting a business. Whilst it’s good to move fast and stay lean, it’s time we made our businesses more human and in the process gave them a better chance of survival.”

Within a few days of coming up with the idea and name we’d put up a landing page.

Within a few weeks we’d had more than 500 people pledge their support for our .

Within a month we’d hosted our first meetup in London and .

Within 12 months we were teaching our , wrote our first e-book, hosted our first and even got featured in the .

It became quite apparent that there were lots of other people that were equally disillusioned by business as usual, and believed there had to be another way.

We’d found our tribe.

In the years since then we’ve written our , had thousands take our , hosted 7 Summercamps, 11 , hundreds of smaller events and workshops, spoken at conferences all around the world and grown an of business hippies that support each other every day.

But none of this would have been possible without you.

We are eternally grateful for those that have stepped up and come to one of our events, taken one of our courses or become a supporting member.

But we also want to thank the 100,000+ who follow our blog. We live for the responses we get — many from people we’ve never even met in countries we’ve never been to.

It’s these kind words and positive stories that keep us going.

Even yesterday a University lecturer got in touch from Oregon to ask if they can use our ebook as part of their teachings on their entrepreneurship course.

The thought that our work can reach people all over the world and create ripples that live on continues to excite us about the potential of what we can create, together.

As you’ll know if you’ve followed us for a while, it’s been far from plain sailing — we had to and let people go, and more recently downsized the team to just myself and Carlos to give ourselves space to grow.

Since this year’s Summercamp we’ve been quietly working on a vision for the next phase of our journey that builds on the hard work we’ve done up until now, and reignites our passion to inspire millions of others to pursue a path in life and work that makes them come alive.

Back in November 2013 we set out on a quest. One that we’re still on to this day.

To create a business school and network for the rest of us — a place to learn, grow and explore our dreams and fears with likeminded people in this lifelong journey of learning and connection.

From our initial focus solely on startups, our community now includes leaders, founders, social entrepreneurs, creators, thought leaders, coaches, teachers and the curious.

We’ve made more friends than we ever thought possible (especially for two men in their 40s).

We’re 7 years in, but it still feels like we’ve only just begun.

We’re excited for what the next 7 years will hold. And look forward to sharing the journey with you all the way.

Thank you.

Laurence & Carlos
The Happy Startup School

The Happy Startup School

Build a life and business rich with purpose

Laurence McCahill

Written by

Co-founder The Happy Startup School. Building a global community of heart-shaped entrepreneurs and leaders, one event at a time.

The Happy Startup School

Build a life and business rich with purpose

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