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🏕 What’s new at Happy Startup Summercamp 2022

Summercamp is all about the stories

  • Design the long life you love
    Ayse Birsel, author/designer
    Watch Fireside chat with Ayse
  • Inspiration as an act of resistance
    Liana Fricker
    Watch Fireside chat with Liana
  • Do something for nothing
    Joshua Coombes, author/changemaker
    Watch Fireside chat with Joshua
  • How to be more hopeful
    Bernadette Russell, author/performer
  • How to avoid the Sunday scaries
    Anniki Sommerville, author
  • Why destruction is key to creation
    Ben Johnson
  • How to create a better world
    Gaylene Gould
  • Why blind optimism is your friend (and foe)
    Chris Drummond, Allkin Brewing
  • Launch slowly, right this minute
    Lyndsay Lucero, Baxley Goods

New for this Summercamp!

  • You coach you
    Sarah Ellis/Squiggly Careers
  • Craft your excite strategy
    Carlos Saba & Laurence McCahill
  • Discovering your deeper purpose
    Lana Jelenjev
  • How to design a ritual
    Viktor Lysell Smålänning
    Watch Fireside with Viktor
  • From idea to opportunity
    Liana Fricker
  • Design the long life you love
    Ayse Birsel
  • Build your personal advisory board
    Dirk Bischof
  • F**k it: Launch your book
    John C. Parkin
    Watch his talk at Summercamp 2019
  • How to be authentic on camera
    Kim Slade & Matt Matheson
    Watch Kim’s talk at Summercamp 2019
  • Friday Fireside live: How to build community
    Claire Perry-Louise, Liana Fricker & guests
  • Building trust at scale
    Toby Moore
  • How to be better, bolder and braver with your marketing
    Frances Khalastchi & Simon Batchelar

A chance to let your hair down

  • Live music
  • DJs
  • Pub quiz
  • Open mic
  • Wood-fired sauna and hot tub
  • Wild swimming
  • Sunrise hike
  • Patch making
  • Massages
  • Pottery making
  • Singing
  • Forest bathing
  • Bushcrafting
  • Yoga
  • Hip hop kung fu
  • Doodle café
  • Movement workshop
  • Campfires

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Laurence McCahill

Laurence McCahill


Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.