🏕 What’s new at Happy Startup Summercamp 2022

When I sat down to write a similar email 3 years ago almost to the day, little did I realise we’d be in 2022 before we’d be planning this gathering again.

So after 2 years of hibernating it’s a joy to be able to share this with you.

This September we’re inviting many of those that have inspired us with their work over the last couple of years, to conjure up an experience you’ll never forget.

is a living, breathing community of likeminded people who want to make the most of the time they have left on this planet. And not do it alone.

And it’s not just for startups — far from it. Whatever stage you’re at there’s always a need to keep creating, reinventing, imagining your work and life. Based not just on where you’re at, but where you’d like to be — and maybe you don’t know exactly what that is yet.

This is where Summercamp comes into its own. A place to get inspired, inspire others, learn and connect together through a transformational shared experience.

Below I’ve shared some of the magic you can get to experience at camp this year.

And if you’re not yet booked on while we still have room.

Summercamp is all about the stories

From stories about hope, fear and making a positive dent in the world.

  • Design the long life you love
    Ayse Birsel, author/designer
  • Inspiration as an act of resistance
    Liana Fricker
  • Do something for nothing
    Joshua Coombes, author/changemaker
  • How to be more hopeful
    Bernadette Russell, author/performer
  • How to avoid the Sunday scaries
    Anniki Sommerville, author
  • Why destruction is key to creation
    Ben Johnson
  • How to create a better world
    Gaylene Gould
  • Why blind optimism is your friend (and foe)
    Chris Drummond, Allkin Brewing
  • Launch slowly, right this minute
    Lyndsay Lucero, Baxley Goods

New for this Summercamp!

5 learning zones across the sites with various workshops going on over the weekend. All workshops run for 90 minutes

  • You coach you
    Sarah Ellis/Squiggly Careers
  • Craft your excite strategy
    Carlos Saba & Laurence McCahill
  • Discovering your deeper purpose
    Lana Jelenjev
  • How to design a ritual
    Viktor Lysell Smålänning
  • From idea to opportunity
    Liana Fricker
  • Design the long life you love
    Ayse Birsel
  • Build your personal advisory board
    Dirk Bischof
  • F**k it: Launch your book
    John C. Parkin
  • How to be authentic on camera
    Kim Slade & Matt Matheson
  • Friday Fireside live: How to build community
    Claire Perry-Louise, Liana Fricker & guests
  • Building trust at scale
    Toby Moore
  • How to be better, bolder and braver with your marketing
    Frances Khalastchi & Simon Batchelar

A chance to let your hair down

And chill, sing, dance, make, play or get bendy.

  • Live music
  • DJs
  • Pub quiz
  • Open mic
  • Wood-fired sauna and hot tub
  • Wild swimming
  • Sunrise hike
  • Patch making
  • Massages
  • Pottery making
  • Singing
  • Forest bathing
  • Bushcrafting
  • Yoga
  • Hip hop kung fu
  • Doodle café
  • Movement workshop
  • Campfires

Sign up for the weekend of the year

Limited amount of payment plans available for June

Only 100 tickets are available for Summercamp each year. 75 are already gone.
Got a question? Check out our

“Summercamp has given me a priceless sense of belonging. The encouragement to believe my ideas are possible, but also the knowledge to know it’s going be really difficult. It’s given me validation for me and my passions, it’s provided me with a tonne of likeminded and generous friends and supporters. It’s provided access to all the knowledge I don’t yet have, without which it would be easy to give up on the dream. So all that. And as an experience in its own right, its was extraordinary. The euphoria, the affection and the fun made it probably the most amazing weekends I have/will ever have had.” — Kevin

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