What’s stopping you from hitting publish?

Laurence McCahill
The Happy Startup School
3 min readOct 10, 2022


This was the question I posed to my little group at our Ideas Café meetup last week.

We talked about the fears, the guilt and self-doubt that surfaces when we want to put our ideas out into the world.

So often our posts, videos or podcasts sit there unloved, in drafts. Never to see the light of day.

I mentioned to one of the group that earlier this year I posted on LinkedIn every day for 100 days. And that the habit I developed then has stayed with me to this day.

20 minutes a day max. Or it doesn’t happen.

But then I remembered something.

A few months ago I took a look back at what I wrote.
When you write 100 things there’ll be a lot of filler.
And there sure was.

But there was some good stuff in there.

So I thought I’d pick out the best 50 posts and put them into a book.

And in a few hours thanks to Canva, I did exactly that.

But did I hit publish? No.
Hmmm. I guess I was scared too…

So I’ve done nothing with it.
Until now.

So here it is. It might be useful, it might be average, but it’s shipped.

Perfection IS the enemy of done.

Today was a great reminder.


50 Ideas on the Business of Life – Contents


  • Find the radiators
  • I’m not the best
  • Who would you go on a road trip with?
  • Effortless collaboration
  • Who would be in your hall of fame?
  • Be prepared to piss people off
  • Programs don’t change lives, relationships do
  • Feeling like a misfit


  • Junk values
  • The journey vs the destination
  • Tiny business. Big impact.
  • Elimination not epiphanies
  • Scarcity vs scale
  • The little things you do today may pay tomorrow
  • What if excitement was a metric?
  • The joy of anticipation
  • Simplicity is a battle


  • The false commute
  • Create more, consume less
  • At what cost?
  • Patience, patience, patience.
  • I just don’t have the time
  • Design for laziness
  • Hustle vs alignment
  • Stop playing the waiting game
  • Designing from joy


  • Time ≠ money
  • What is enough?
  • Profit is not a dirty word
  • The cost of inaction
  • Price like a boss


  • Cooking up a feast
  • Everything is an experiment
  • Winners and losers
  • Dream slow, test fast
  • A long journey starts with baby steps
  • The stories we tell ourselves matter
  • Certainty is a myth
  • The mindset trumps the manual
  • The next most necessary thing
  • Will it make the boat go faster?
  • When the body says no
  • Nothing is original
  • From words to action


  • How to start a community
  • Disconnection is making us miserable
  • Events are hard. Events are great.
  • Email is not sexy
  • The lone wolf
  • 10 questions to ask yourself

Here’s the download link again.



ps. If you missed last week’s Friday Fireside with Serena Savini I heartily recommend that you watch the replay — it was one of the very best. Serena has repeatedly hit the publish button, despite the fears. And the world is better off for it.



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