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The now legendary Alptitude is back. If you hate conferences too then read on…

“We experience breakthroughs in technology everyday. AI, machine learning and virtual reality are but a few of the buzzwords that point to a new future. But what about a breakthrough in who you are and who you surround yourself with? What if you could spend 7 days in a place where you can upgrade your business skills, relationships and leave with a brighter view of your future self and humanity? Sounds almost as crazy as a world of self-driving cars and leisure trips into space doesn’t it? But those things already exist and so does this place. I know because I did it. It’s called Alptitude and you can do it too — and you should.”

— Jack Smith, USA

Alptitude is an invite-only event that’s out of the norm.

It’s not a retreat, nor a training camp. It’s not a vacation, nor an unconference. It’s all of those things, yet none of them.

A week in Dream Valley where you’ll have the time and space to figure out where you’re at with your life and projects, whilst having more fun than you’ve had in years.

“I’ve spent two decades loitering under the unnatural light of conference centres, swigging rank coffee, pondering which lanyard-scheduled, thinly veiled sales pitch to suffer next.” Jack Hubbard, CEO Propellernet

This is the future of business events — emergent, playful and transformational.

Brought to you by The Happy Startup School and now in its third year, Alptitude brings together 25 purpose-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the world for a unique, meaningful experience in stunning natural surroundings.

The lucky few that come leave with a renewed vigour for life, a ton of game-changing ideas to implement, but most importantly a shared experience and group of new friends that will stick with them forever. Friends they never knew they needed, but now can’t live without.

“An adventure that changed how I approached life, people and business” Haje Jan Kamps, Founder Triggertrap

Care to join us and be part of the unfolding Alptitude story?

Read more about what happened last year

And watch a trailer:

The Alptitude 2016 tribe
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