Movement makers, mountains and music at Alptitude 2016

Why the experience revolution will kill the conference as we know it

In a complex world that craves more meaning, the events we experience will start to look very different. Thanks to a few trailblazers this change is already under way…

So what is a conference?

“I’ve spent two decades loitering under the unnatural light of conference centres, swigging rank coffee, pondering which lanyard-scheduled, thinly veiled sales pitch to suffer next.” Jack Hubbard, CEO Propellernet

The rise of the experience economy

The now legendary Alptitude ‘pretend confereence’ held in May 2015 in France

So what does a transformative experience look like?

  • Tribal
    Gathering people around a common purpose and set of values will help to create magic.
  • Emergent
    A focus on making an impact on those participating and allowing them to ask questions and show vulnerability, not teaching them what they already know.
  • Natural
    The best ideas don’t come in the boardroom. Get outside and you’ll get better results.
  • Tech-free
    Leave your Apple Watch at home. You can tweet when you get back to the real world.
  • Memorable
    Create moments that matter. Moments that might lead to a step change in someone. The devil is in the detail.
  • Truthful
    No bullshit. Real stories. Real people.
  • Fun
    Although we’re serious about our work, we keep it light.



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