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Letter sent on Nov 24, 2017

Why We’re Calling It A Day. Well, kinda.

It can be hard to know when to walk away.

After 3+ years, and with a heavy heart, we’re closing the doors to our home.

This article digs into the process we went through and the lessons we learned along the way: from realising something wasn’t quite right, to working to understand it and finally letting it go.

It can be really hard to know when to call time on a project. But when you notice yourself getting worn out by your workload, a step back and a re-think is in order.

“Saying yes to more and more good ideas without dumping some of the earlier commitments invariably leads to a place of compounding complexity. Too many good ideas eventually combine to make one big bad idea.” — Jason Fried

Read the full post: Knowing When It’s Time to Walk Away: Closing the Doors for the Last Time

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