A comic about being a trans ally

by Riley Wackernagel (they/them/theirs)

(This piece is part of our series of writing from trans people for our Protego campaign, which fights for trans rights and safe spaces. If you have a story or perspective you’d like to share, email katieb@thehpalliance.org

If you’d like to support Protego, you can donate here.)

(The comic, drawn upon a gradient background with the transgender flag colors, is titled “Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Ally. It presents two polaroid pictures: the first, under “DO - Compliment someone even when they’re not wearing a binder or wearing makeup!” shows two friends walking at school, one wearing a pink shirt and the other wearing a blue shirt, smiling and supportive of each other. Its caption reads “Gender roles? Never met her!”

The second polaroid picture, under “DON’T — Ask what genitals someone has,” shows two people, one encroaching on the other’s personal space and the other looking uncomfortable. The caption reads “Yikes!”)

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