Bring Hero Training to Your Community!

Even though we haven’t been able to see as many wizard activists in person this year, we’ve been having a great time getting to know new friends in schools and libraries across the United States!

Katie Bowers, our Managing Director, and Janae Phillips, our Director of Leadership and Education, joined OCA Las Vegas in April to talk to high school and college students in Las Vegas about working in nonprofits. The students asked some of the most insightful questions we’ve ever received, which made it really fun for us, too! OCA Board Member Nicole Santero also just happens to be the woman behind Research BTS. There are truly fans everywhere. Niocle had this to share about the experience:

OCA Las Vegas loved having The Harry Potter Alliance as workshop speakers for our mentorship program. As we aim to empower next generation leaders in the community, Janae and Katie were the perfect guests to inspire our students. Through the stories they shared, our students left the workshop feeling like they themselves could really make an impact on the world.

We’re blushing.

Katie also got to speak to a class of college students at Washington & Jefferson College with professor Kevin Carriere to talk about organizing positive activism online in an age of rising extremism. According to Kevin:

A screenshot of a tweet from @krcarriere to @TheHPAlliance. The tweet says “The students absolutely loved it! Best response from all of my guest speakers all semester.”

This month Katie also got to visit (and host a little virtual dance party with) Memorial Middle School for their own comic con. They created this awesome video about their comic con experience, and we were so pleased to be a part of it.

We’re always up for visiting new folks! If you’re interested in inviting us to your classroom, library, or workplace (coolest professional development ever), get in touch with Janae at



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