Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home: Ways to take action #WithRefugees

Image of a young woman holding a history book from the UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)

We all know what it’s like to find a home — at Hogwarts, or Camp Half-Blood, or even IRL. But what if your home wasn’t safe? In our world, violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day. That’s why today, in honor of World Refugee Day, the Harry Potter Alliance has rounded up resources for everyone to raise your wands, show your support, and help welcome more people home.

WHAT (are we raising awareness about?)

World Refugee Day was launched by the United Nations in 2000 to celebrate and show support for refugees around the world. This year, the UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) is running a campaign #WithRefugees as a platform for all of us to declare our solidarity with refugees and encourage governments to take action.

WHY (is this important?)

Every single day, refugees flee for their lives because of violence and injustice in their home countries. So when our fellow magical folk are in danger of losing their rights because of these situations they are forced into, it’s up to us to stand up, speak out, and try to make a difference. Today is a day to honor the strength and brilliant determination found in every refugee. By celebrating this day, we are sending a message to governments that they must act with solidarity and shared responsibility. This includes ensuring that every refugee child gets an education, every refugee family has somewhere safe to live, and every refugee can work or learn new skills to make a positive contribution to their community.

Here is a list of resources for learning more about the importance of protecting refugees:

Image of Ekhlas Ahmed, a teacher, smiling and standing in front of a school bus and two students, also smiling. Ahmed fled conflict in her home of Darfur, Sudan, and resettled in Maine, where she now gives back to her community as a teacher. Image via www.unhcr.org/refugeeday/us/ekhlas/

HOW (do I get involved?)

There are so many ways to participate in World Refugee Day and show your support for refugees around the world. Here are a few you can do in just 10 minutes:

The list above is just a small snapshot of the amazing work that folks around the world are doing today and every day — and we’d love to hear what is happening in your community! So please, join us in celebrating World Refugee Day. At a time when it feels like there are so many changes going on around us, we have the ability to take control and use our voices to make a better future for all witches, wizards, and magical folk everywhere.