This Week in Wizard Activism: Fall Into Democracy!

By Jessica Rozycki

Graphic of our This Week in Wizard Activism logo! It features the words “This Week in Wizard Activism” and our logo on a blue background.
Julie from Julie and the Phantoms sitting at the piano and her three bandmates magically appearing behind her.

The HPA is published in a JOURNAL, y’all!

Alex turning to face Reggie as he says “She’s legit.”

One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions.

Alex asking “Hey, do you mind if I ask you a couple more questions?”

Did someone say GLA?

Julie saying “Tell your friends” into the microphone, then looking back.

You’ve heard of Netflix & chill. Now get ready for wrock & register.

Julie talking into a microphone saying “We got work to do.”
Julie resting her arm on Flynn’s shoulder and saying “I’m gonna go with what she said.”

Solo activism can get tough, so why not join a team of Wizard Activists?

Luke wrapping his arm around Reggie from behind while he says “But we’re not alone cause we’ll always have each other.”



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