This Week in Wizard Activism: Leap Year Imagining!

By Jessica Rozycki

Graphic of our This Week in Wizard Activism logo! It features the words “This Week in Wizard Activism” and our logo on a blue background.
Amy from Booksmart dancing, spinning around, and pointing while saying “I missed you. I missed you so much.”

When you show up to Leap Day with a fantastic plan and Leap Day is all:

Gigi flipping back a veil and saying “Oh my god! You guys are here.”

We love to see our Chapters fighting the dark arts IRL.

Staffer of the Week: Elizabeth Finder!

Elizabeth and her little sister in front of Cinderella’s castle, Disneybounding Elsa and Anna.

Let us explain why being an HPA volunteer is the best.

Molly passionately yelling “We are smart and fun.”

Thanks for reading, pals! Y’all are the best.

Amy raising her hand in a peace sign and awkwardly stepping away while saying “All right, well…”



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