This Week in Wizard Activism: Memories from Camp GLA

By Jessica Rozycki

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Hello and happy Friday!!!

Mary-Anne from The Babysitter’s Club opening her window at night and waving.

This weekend, the Camp GLA vibes were impeccable.

Dawn raising her fist and yelling “Long live the revolution” with a poster behind her that reads “No more classist classes!”

As you may know (I truly hope you do), the HPA hosted our first ever virtual Camp GLA! The weekend was full of inspirational conversations, passionate activism, and of course, so much learning and growth. So much love for the team who made this marvelous event possible, but we can truly never have enough positivity to share. They really deserve it all. AND, that includes all of the folks who joined us. Whether spending time at the lake in the morning, in outer space at night, or in the SNAC completing over 650 (!!!!!!) actions in support of Amnesty International’s #FreetheFamilies campaign, Camp GLA was all kinds of magic. Thanks for being a part of it!

️️PS. STELLA HAS HER OWN SHIRT. Because it’s what she deserves. Buy one here.

Staffer of the Week: Pasqua Ruggiero

Pasqua smiling, wearing a Harry Potter shirt, and holding a light orange kitten in her lap.

Pasqua was nominated by her team lead, Devra! Devra shared: “Pasqua is such a lovely, enthusiastic person. I’m so glad to have her on the Analytics Team.”

Pasqua is a Hufflepuff from Schaumburg, Illinois who does analytics for the HPA’s Facebook page. Pasqua has been participating in wizard activism for years, from advocating for mental health awareness and organizing fundraisers for various nonprofits such as UNICEF and Planned Parenthood, to protesting on her college campus to bring awareness to the lack of mental health resource funding. She even took a Harry Potter English class that focused on social justice themes in the series — which sounds like a class every member of the HPA would enjoy. She finds inspiration from her friend Amara, her successor in the Magical Illini (her college’s HPA chapter!) and the one who got Pasqua more involved in the HPA.

With her role as a wizard activist, Pasqua shared that one of her goals is to be more conscious of racial and LGBTQ+ social imbalance. “I think I’ve been too comfortable and complacent as a straight cis-white women for too long, and I want to learn more about the struggles that less privileged groups face and use my privilege and identity to help empower them instead.” We couldn’t think of a better place for you to do just that. Thank you, Pasqua, for all the work you’ve been doing for the DMCC! We’re so glad you joined the squad.

As we can see from the Snaps Jar this week, we love to highlight great work in the HPA.

Want to experience the fun of Camp GLA all year? Become a volunteer!

Mary-Anne holding knitting needles and saying, “Oh, how we rage.”

Check out the open positions on our volunteer page to learn more about how you can become a member of the squad.

If you’re still reading — thanks for sticking around until the end! You’re the best.

Claudia and Stacey handing someone a flyer and saying “Call us if you need us. Bye!” before running away.




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