This Week in Wizard Activism: Resist. Recharge. Repeat.

By Jessica Rozycki

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Hello, Wizard Activists! It’s This Week in Wizard Activism time.

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Resist, recharge, repeat. (TW: racial violence)

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To say it has been a difficult week is an understatement. Shortly after the police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd, we learned that Ma’Khia Bryant, a Black teenage girl from Ohio, was fatally shot by a police officer that she had called to protect her. We are all likely at different stages of the “resist, recharge, repeat” activist cycle, but no matter where you are, the HPA is here for you. We recently sent an email with the subject “For George Floyd and Ma’Khia Bryant, this isn’t justice” with some resources about how to best take care of yourself and your community during this time.

You can also find a thread on our Twitter, along with additional posts across our social media that you can share to support fellow activists. The work to achieve justice for Black and Brown communities is ongoing, and while imagining and building a new world is daunting, we never work alone. Let’s keep fighting.

Have you heard the latest from our friends at Black Girls Create?

Harry standing next to Bill, saying “I told many, many people.”

Well, it’s time to tell even more people! This week, Black Girls Create launched their newest project “The Nerds Are Typing: An Enneagram and MBTI Podcast.” If you’ve ever been interested in typing your favorite characters in pop culture based on their Enneagram and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this podcast is definitely for you. Make sure to subscribe and give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on new episodes!

When the heroes need training, we’re here to help.

Young Donna, nodding while saying “I think great things are waiting for me.”

The HPA recently facilitated two hero trainings! One was for the OCA Las Vegas mentorship program, which supports and empowers Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) to find their voice and identity while making positive changes in the community. The HPA shared about fan activism at the “Building Community Heroes” event, where attendees learned about organizing fandoms and becoming community organizers and/or nonprofit professionals.

The HPA also spoke to Dr. Kevin Carriere’s Psychology of Human Rights class at Washington & Jefferson College about the use of pop culture and fandom to promote human rights organizing and action. If you think these hero trainings sound as awesome as I do, you can book your own by emailing!

So…what’s the reason you haven’t sent in your HPA volunteer application yet?

Sophie singing “I wanted to know some more.”

Got it. Well, we can help with that! Visit our volunteer page to see what types of positions are available and how you can apply. We can’t wait for you to join.

Thanks for reading!

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