This Week in Wizard Activism: Small Things Con!

By Jessica Rozycki

Graphic of our This Week in Wizard Activism logo! It features the words “This Week in Wizard Activism” and our logo on a blue background.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Two Animal Crossing characters standing on a dock. Peanut yells “YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! OOOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!”

Looking for ways to stay busy during quarantine? Join us for Small Things Con!

The Small Things Con logo, which includes a cute image of a pink pygmy puff!

We’ve officially launched Small Things Con! We don’t know about you, but right now? We want to be hanging out with our big, beautiful, enthusiastic, magical community as much as possible. So, we’re throwing a free online convention for our community!

So Small Things Con has included insightful chats, fun crafts, and self-care. Make sure to tell all your friends about how we’re continuing to take action while social distancing. Get your tickets here to participate in our upcoming programs. On deck we have: voting info, book recommendations, and so much more! See you pals on the Internet.

Granger 2020 is all about our common goal to do some good in the world!

Speaking of programming…that’s what Granger 2020 is all about! We want to make sure that wizard activists around the world can continue using their magic to spread positivity and light across the world through political action. Support Team Granger and learn more about the programs that will put some good in the world here.

Continue to slay the fashion game without even leaving your house.

An image of the Kings Cross Con Tee that features the following text: “It’s all in your head, It’s totally real. Stay Home 2020.”

We know y’all love some good swag, so we figured why not offer a fun addition to your isolation wardrobe? Stay home in style with the official King’s Cross Con tee from the HPA. Not only will you be sending an important message, but one day, you’ll be able to look back at this shirt and think… “I’m so glad I’m not in quarantine anymore.”

Want to work with the best team ever?

Character spins with sparkles floating around them, punches the air, and says “Yes!”

Duh, of course we know the answer already. Because all of our volunteers work remotely, this is the PERFECT time to get involved with our team of wizard activists! Apply for one of our volunteer positions here.




From the Harry Potter Alliance. We turn fans into heroes.

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