This Week in Wizard Activism: Teaming Up with Black Girls Create & Harmony Labs!

By Meagan Caicedo

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Happy Thursday, everyone!! Here is your weekly update from the HPA!

Langa and Reki from Sk8 the Infinity dancing, goofing around, on their skateboards.

Partnerships with Harmony Labs & Black Girls Create!

An image of a bunch of our Fandom Forward toolkit covers!
  • We asked Harmony Labs to help us with some analysis to look at fan activism and what the future looks like for us in “Mapping Fandoms, and Fan Activism Futures.” There’s a lot of neat information and fan activism history, check it out!
  • Did you catch Wizard Team, ep 275? It features our Senior Staffers Katie and Janae! It’s the last episode for them, so be sure to check it out, as well as all the other amazing content from Black Girls Create!

Take Action!

Recently we’ve been posting ways to take action for various causes on social media. There are so many ways you can help, here are just come highlights:

  • Amazon workers deserve to be fairly compensated, and treated well. Corporate keeps shutting down their attempts to unionize, show your support for them by signing a petition on Amnesty International here.
  • When you don’t know what to do when someone is being harassed, it can be hard to help them, you can sign up with Hollerback for their Guide to Bystander Intervention.
  • Contact your representatives to let them know you support the “For the People Act,” you can find more information here.

Join Our Team!

Interested in volunteering or know someone who could be? Have a passion for Harry Potter and social justice? Why not join our amazing volunteer family! Whatever your strengths may be, we’re certain to have a place for you here at The HP Alliance. Check out our Volunteer page for more information and position openings!




From the Harry Potter Alliance. We turn fans into heroes.

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