This Week in Wizard Activism: Using Star Wars Fandom to Change the World

By Jessica Rozycki

Graphic of our This Week in Wizard Activism logo! It features the words “This Week in Wizard Activism” and our logo on a blue background.

Happy Saturday! Time for This Week in Wizard Activism!

Never underestimate how many fandoms we can use to change the world.

A graphic for our new Star Wars toolkit, featuring the following text over the classic Star Wars opening shot: “The Star Wars Toolkit: Episode 1: Women in Politics and Resistance Movements”

This week we released our brand new Star Wars Fandom Forward toolkit! Women aren’t just heroes in a galaxy far, far away and in this toolkit we delve into the women of the rebellion in Star Wars and IRL! Witness its beauty, share it on Airdrop, and help turn all of the fans around you into heroes.

We have a perfect way to work on your complicated relationship with exercise.

An image of the armchair race medal you’ll get by participating in Potterhead Running Club’s virtual race!

The “Slug Club Armchair to 5K” virtual race by Potterhead Running Club is live! The race benefits three magical Potter-themed charities: the HPA, as well as the Protego Foundation and Transfiguring Adoption. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really want a race medal shaped like a cozy armchair?” … Probably not. But just look at how adorable it is! Peeps can sign up here!

Staffer of the Week: AJ Solomon!

AJ smiling, wearing an HPA shirt, and showing off a rad “I voted” sticker.

AJ was nominated by fellow HPA volunteer Gab, who says: AJ is constantly wearing several different hats. As well as being awesome at analytics, he also is rocking it as a solo activist with his work for Camp Lilac (a camp for trans youth). AJ is also a supportive friend who’s always willing to lend a hand. He is hardworking, talented, and possibly one of the kindest people I know.

AJ is the DMCC’s Analytics Team Lead, a 60/40 Huffleclaw, and conducts his magic from New England. AJ is passionate about LGBTQIA+ rights broadly, trans and gender diverse rights specifically (his muggle job is with a trans non-profit), intersectional feminism, and disability rights! AJ was raised in a very social justice oriented family and synagogue, and he participated in volunteering and advocacy regularly from when he was little so basically he was BORN to be a wizard activist. As Gab said, AJ’s dedication to the HPA and our community always exceeds expectations and we are so lucky to have him as a member of this squad. Thank you for everything you do, AJ! Now, for the silly Qs:

  • What is AJ’s fave HP book and why? Prisoner of Azkaban. The obvious reason is that it introduces some of my favorite characters (Remus and Sirius) as well as fleshing out my fictional counterpart (James Potter) more, but I also really like how it explores the nuances of complicated feelings and relationships, and lays the groundwork for a lot of hugely important stuff to come.
  • Last show AJ binge watched? One Day at a Time!
  • Favorite class AJ has ever taken in school? Ooooooh this is really hard. Every semester I have a new answer, honestly! I am in the very lucky position of getting to take lots of awesome classes thanks to my two majors, studio art and women’s and gender studies. I really liked this class I took last semester called Gender, Culture, and Power, which was basically a deep dive into intersectionality, but this semester I’m taking a Queer Psychology class that I think is going to win over even that one.

Thanks for all you do for the HPA, AJ!!!

When the news is hard to follow, our researchers keep us informed.

This week, we got an update from our Immigration & Migration Researcher about how the backlog for immigration courts continues to grow. Hundreds of families are still being separated at the border, ICE is increasing their activity in New York City, and Turkey is bursting at the seams with displaced persons — and refuses to take in any more. We’re calling on all magical folk to help us protect democracy. Do what you can, fam.

We’ve got a fierce squad that is always getting stronger.

All three Jonas Brothers putting on sunglasses and a caption that reads “Deal with it.”

As always, you can check out our website for all of the available volunteer positions and apply to join this amazing team of welcoming, silly, inspiring, and world-changing humans.




From the Harry Potter Alliance. We turn fans into heroes.

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