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The rain has always been a mystery to me. Oh, not the science of it, but some of its properties that border on the supernatural. How it carries memories, how it holds a mirror to my feelings, and how it fills me with melancholy contentment.

The mere anticipation of rain transports me decades into the past. The frivolous dance of wild plants in the overgrown garden of my childhood home had the power to mesmerize me. They flipped their colors, light green, dark green, light green, dark green, as the monsoon wind had its way with them.

Then the sky…

And how you can use their hacks to your advantage

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I have been a management consultant for several years now. I have worked on high-pressure projects with talented people and tough clients. Managing the demands of these projects can be tough.

I have observed several consultants at work. There are simple patterns that set top consultants apart from the rest. They use strikingly similar strategies to boost their productivity.

Here, I will share the top tactics that consultants use to succeed without burning themselves out. Burnout is a real risk in the management consulting industry. Unless you know how to do the most amount of work in a given time…

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“Ramya!” her mother called.

“Coming!” Ramya replied, putting on her bindi quickly and glancing at her pale face in the mirror before hurrying to her mother.

“We will be late for the bus again. Have you taken your lunch box?” asked her mother.

“Yes, amma, and stop fussing with my hair. Let’s go!”

They ran outside just in time to see the school bus arrive at their gate.

Her mother pecked her and smiled as Ramya gave her a quick wave and got on the bus.

Her friend, Achu, had saved her a seat. She flopped down beside Achu.


A Promised Land by Barack Obama is a masterclass in political memoir.

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Title: A Promised Land
Author: Barack Obama
Rating: 4/5

Barack Obama is a gifted writer. Even in this political memoir, his instincts as a writer produces such gems as “The day was cold, the wind cutting, the sun a dim watermark on the gray sky, and no one said much as we trudged up the steep stone ramparts that snaked along the mountain’s spine.”

That said, the real value of the book lies in the exquisite details Obama offers readers of the complex issues he faced as the President of the United States (POTUS) from 2009 to 2011, along with…

“Revenants rule on thrones of vengeance”

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Chapter 1: The Pain

The pain split her head. Naina retched into the washbasin, spitting hard and letting a wave of agony wash over her. She looked up at the mirror — her face was pale, her large grey eyes deep in a dark pit of insomnia. Her sari was dishevelled from the hours spent writhing in pain.

The headache had been haunting her for more than a day now. She will go to the doctor the moment the day breaks, she decided. For now, she just wished she could pluck the throbbing vein in her head and fling it into the tumultuous night.

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