We are launching our NEW K9 Property!

Tech Farm
Tech Farm
Sep 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Become a founding resident of our latest coliving property. Co-create the feeling of home and family, anywhere you go. Step into a culture of personal growth & co-creation.

At Tech Farm, we believe that in creating physical spaces that reconnect us with ourselves, each other and nature, we will be able to inspire a lasting shift in behaviour within our society.

Our aspiration is to combine the community belonging of the countryside (Farm) with the global connectivity of the urban lifestyle (Tech). Imagine micro apartments and a communal space with shared kitchen, office space & living room. High tech vertical green housing, aquaponics and a chef that cooks delicious meals out of the vegetables and fish.

We curate members and residents based on a shared set of values. We co-create rituals and experiences together that help us to be at our full potential in all aspects of life. We establish a coaching family culture and pay attention to the small details that makes a place feel like home.

We try to make life as simple as possible having cleaners and regular take-away dinners or an in-house chef. We also collectively pre-buy our groceries and cook together. We all take turns to host activities such as trips, yoga, startup events, cinema or whatever someone wants to initiate. On the professional side we also take an active interest in each other’s work. We share connections, ideas, skills and also initiate collaborations. Many common projects have been born on the sofa and in the sauna, one of them being Tech Farm.

We are also passionate about smart design and sustainability. We want our buildings to not only be zero waste, but also to be energy positive. We make sure every building has super-fast wifi connectivity and access to a private space to work. We try to bring light and nature into the architecture of our buildings and we are excited by the potential of using microbiology and mechanical engineering to recycle waste water.

In essence, Tech Farm is housing redesigned for global citizens. It’s a place where you go to co-create a conscious lifestyle with amazing people who also want to make positive difference in the communities and the environment in which they live.

We are about to open our largest property yet, with 33 rooms and a capacity of 50 residents.

Find out more — www.techfarm.life

Apply today to be a resident at K9. We plan to launch on Nov 1st 2016.

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Tech Farm

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Tech Farm

Coliving for Global Citizens. Visit www.techfarm.se

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