17 Awesome Things For Your Friends To Do Without You in NYC This Summer

You are being excluded and it’s probably even worse than you assume.

  1. Secret Warehouse Parties. When they tell you they’re keeping it low-key tonight.
  2. Daytime Raves. When not a single person took you up on your offer to treat everyone to brunch.
  3. Underground Shows With Edgy Bands. Who they know about because they’re all sharing a spotify password but think your basic taste will ruin the vibe.
  4. Afterparties With Edgy Bands.
  5. Organizing The Resistance. They roll their eyes whenever you mention Bernie but won’t explain why.
  6. Group Sex.
  7. Spontaneous Park Hangs. They straight up forgot you existed when this plan came together.
  8. Getting Detained At the Mexican Border Kaylin still hasn’t made it back and no one will talk about it.
  9. Group Sex With Edgy Bands
  10. Rooftop Bars
  11. Coney Island!
  12. Assaulting a Police Officer and Getting Away With It. The drummer of the edgy band is also a DA.
  13. Chillin’ and Smokin’ With Your Roommate The one weekend you’re in Scarsdale For your cousin Barbara’s Recommitment Ceremony
  14. Group Sex With Your Most Recent Ex. Who they wouldn’t even have met If It weren’t for you.
  15. Coverted Dumpster Pool Parties YOU sent everyone an article about this.
  16. Having Each Other’s Babies And Raising Them in A Commune. When did Noahbella even have time to get pregnant?
  17. House Share in The Hamptons! It would be a shame if someone burned it down.