9 Offensive Halloween Costumes That Are Still Not As Bad as Blackface

Emma Webster
Oct 17 · 2 min read
Photo by Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash
  1. A Holocaust truther

2. A 9/11 truther

3. Couples Costume: A Holocaust truther and a 9/11 truther on a date.

4. Group Costume: A Holocaust truther, a 9/11 truther, a climate change denier, and someone who believes the moon landing was staged all at a Truther’s convention together. (pro tip: just buying a Donald Trump mask will suffice for this costume).

5. Group Costume: Brett Kavanaugh and his frat brothers drinking REALLY GOOD BEER.

6. The REALLY GOOD BEER that Brett Kavanaugh LOVED drinking in college (this costume is just a college-aged woman dressed in regular clothes).

7. A murderer: For this costume to be authentic, you must actually murder someone and then attend the party directly afterwards covered in their blood.

8. Couples Costume: A murderer and their murder victim. For this costume, you attend the party as a regular couple, then one of you murders the other halfway through.

9. A Zombie: Stage your own public death at the Halloween party. Return about an hour later, covered in dirt, asking if anyone wants to play a game of pong.

10. A one woman Fyre Festival — just walk around in festival attire (cropped top, high-waisted pants, flower crown) while burning the American flag.

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A Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk

Emma Webster

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Writer living in Oakland, CA. Likes; good books, bad books, pad thai, good boys, bad boys, and hiking. emma-e-webster.com.

The Haven

The Haven

A Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk

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