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Anal Swab-Gate Could Open up a Crack for U.S. China Backdoor Negotiations

State Department claims U.S. diplomats forced to have tests up the wazoo for Wuhan virus. China says U.S. claims stink

Did they or did they not insert a cotton swab 1 to 1.5 inches into the anus of U.S. diplomats and gently rotate it to obtain a sample?

Last week The Washington Post reported:

“In China, some U.S. personnel have complained about being subjected to anal swab tests for the coronavirus by Chinese authorities.”

The Daily Beast looked deeper into the issues and quoted Chinese officials as not only denying the claims, but telling the U.S. to “Butt Out.”

“Beijing hit back on Thursday, with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian insisting to gathered reporters that:

China has never asked U.S. diplomats in China to go through anal swab tests.” But the U.S. State Department has a different story — a spokesperson told Vice that China has admitted to giving diplomats anal swabs in error, and has promised that it won’t happen again.”

Chinese officials readily admit that the anal tests are more accurate and are being used on some Chinese citizens who are considered to be at high risk, but, said “it would be impossible to use the test on the larger and deeper Western anus since the swab would get lost and never see the light of day again.” The same official noted for the press that the word “anus” actually means “the puckered brown eye” in the Chinese language.

Chinese officials also refuted reports in both Forbes and other international media that a leaked video showed that those who have had the the anal swab, waddled like penguins for several weeks after the test.

“Anal Swab Covid-19 Test Won’t Make You Walk Like Penguins, China Warns Public After Bizarre Viral Video”



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dan boxer

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