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Another Way To Get 100 Followers

Better than Follow for Follow

Writing is wonderful. And for writers, Medium is a godsend. This site is a fantastic vehicle to distribute our compositions to eager readers. And it rewards us for our hard work … with money!

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The only catch is that you must gather at least 100 followers on Medium before you can apply for their payment program. One very popular strategy to get the 100 followers is the #FollowforFollow plan where you ask (or beg) fellow writers to follow you and, in the spirit of good scribesmanship, you will return the favor and follow them back.

Asking strangers for favors? Talking to people? Who wants to deal with that crap? I know a better way to get to the magical 100 followers.

You can always create 100 other Medium accounts. And have them follow your first account.

Just get 100 other email addresses that are not the one you used to create the Medium account you are currently logged into. It should easy enough to whip up a hundo email accounts. Will Google allow you to make more than one Gmail address? Not sure, maybe not. I bet Yahoo and AOL would be fair game. They’re hurting for users. Figure it out! Once you have these 100 new emails, make a new Medium account for each one. Then just start following your original account.

Now you’re on your way to be the rightfully compensated writer you always knew you were!

Oh, it just occurred to me that Medium could have safeguards in place to stop this method from working. When you create the new Medium accounts, perhaps you should use different IP addresses. Don’t do it all on the same exact laptop or phone! And use different internet providers too. Maybe visit your aunt’s house to use her wifi. Hit up a couple Panera Breads and public libraries. Actually most fast food places have wifi now. There are so many wifi options ready for you out there. You’re a writer, use your innate curiosity. Get out there. Explore your world.

And definitely stagger the times you create these new accounts. Don’t make them all in one hour. That would definitely look fishy and send up red flags. To be extra careful, play the long game on this. Create them over a week, or over a few months. Keep your eyes on the prize (that prize being the $weet $tacks of ca$h you will receive from Medium once you’re qualified!).

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

And to make these “alternative” accounts seem more legit you should clap for some your articles (meaning posts written by the real you!). To be absolutely clear, I recommend that while you are logged into one of your non-primary Medium accounts (not the real one) you go to your main profile (the real one, keep it straight) and click on the “clapping hands” icon. When your post has a respectable amount of applauding claps then the plan will look totally copacetic, capiche? Dough-ray-me, here we come!

You should probably have your new “devotees” add some comments on your posts too. That will really seal the deal that they are sentient beings who admire your writing and not fake accounts (which they are). But don’t comment the same thing on different posts. You have change it up. Maybe make up new personas for the new accounts. Each new account could have its own “voice,” its own special “skew” on the world. You know, let your latent schizophrenia out for a spin-orooni. One of these new persons could be very academic and formal, and leave a comment saying something like, “Bravo, superb diction and rigorous figurative cogitation.” And the next one could say, “big upz lmfao chardy beach wot wot…. lol.” The Medium fraud patrol would NEVER figure that these comments came from the same writer! You’re too clever for them, and you deserve to be paid in full-orooni as a writer.

Once you’ve followed the simple instructions of this foolproof plan to get 100 followers on Medium, you’ll be perched on the edge of the promised land: being accepted into Medium’s Partner Program where you will be showered with money for all your sweat and toil (those 100 fake accounts didn’t make themselves!). Now all you have to do is apply for the program. And you also have to write some articles. Don’t forget to write the articles.



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