Blooper Reel Showcases Complete Incompetence Of All Involved

Tyler Holme
Jun 27 · 2 min read

To celebrate the completion of their first feature film, A Wind Beneath The Water, a group of young filmmakers from Minneapolis posted a blooper reel to social media that perfectly encapsulates the complete incompetence of everybody who had anything to do with the project. “We really wanted to show those who have supported us since the beginning just how much fun we were having on set,” said James Reynolds, the director of the film who was unable to avoid mistakes that would have cost a bigger production millions of dollars. Even though the film is a period piece set in 1863 Scotland, Reynolds says it took him until the final day of filming to realize none of his actors were actually speaking in a Scottish accent.

“It was the most liberating experience I’ve ever had on a film set. It was just so laid back and supportive,” added the film’s lead actress, Claire Warren, who was unable to get through a scene about the death of her mother without bursting into a giggle fit, ultimately forcing the cast and crew to work a full twenty hour day rather than the previously scheduled twelve hours.

The video includes clips of boom poles in the shot, camera operators bumping into poorly placed furniture and smart phones being used by background actors who were supposed to be dead and in 1863.

In a particularly damning display of amateurism, Reynolds can be seen wandering into frame in the middle of a take and engaging in a heated argument with the cinematographer about whether or not the camera is even on. “I honestly didn’t know the blinking red light on top of the camera meant it was recording. I thought it meant it was off!” said a laughing Reynolds, completely oblivious of his own ineptitude. “I can’t wait until we make the next one!”

At press time, 27 of the 28 backers on the film’s Indie GoGo page have withdrawn their contributions to the project, including both of Reynolds’ parents.

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