Brie Larson Thinks Captain Marvel Can Pick Up Thor’s Hammer And Nerds Aren’t Having It!

David Caracciolo
Dec 15, 2018 · 4 min read

We all know Captain Marvel is awesome, but does she even lift?

Apparently, she does. Thor’s hammer that is! At least… that’s what Brie Larson, the actress who plays her thinks.

Take a listen to how she tackles the Thorny question at the end of this video…

Oh yeah, she “definitely” can. Girl Power!

As you’d expect, nerds everywhere began losing their goddamned minds. The nerd rage was so strong, it reached full binary!

Credit: Marvel Studios

How dare she, Miss Larson. An apt name for someone wishing to deprive a man of his property. In this case, a hammer!!!

Relax nerds, no need to get all worked up.

Firstly, Larson is no Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios. She might be guessing that her character can lift up the magical hammer known as Mjölnir. Nothing more.

Only Feige knows for sure.

Secondly, what’s the big deal if she can??? Everyone and their frog has held Mjölnir in the comics!!!

Credit: Marvel Comics

Heck… she wouldn’t be the first superhero deemed “worthy” enough to lift Mjölnir in the MCU!!! Remember this?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Besides, now that Mjölnir’s been replaced by Stormbreaker, even Groot has held the hammer or axe more like it…

Credit: Marvel Studios

And before you nerds get carried away, the directors of Infinity War cleared up the question of Groot’s worthiness on Twitter…

So you don’t need to be “worthy” anymore to lift Thor’s hammer, but hey, that doesn’t mean that just anyone can!!! You also need to be incredibly strong…

Could they be referring to Captain Marvel?

During Infinity War, Thor explains to Star-Lord what would happen to those who try to lift his soon to be forged axe without the proper strength…

“Your bodies will crumble as your minds collapse to the madness.” — Thor

So yeah… you have to be very powerful.

We know that Groot comes from a race of powerful space plants, Thor is practically a god and Captain Marvel is expected to be, according to Feige himself…

“…the most powerful superhero that we’ve ever introduced…” — Kevin Feige

That being the case, how could she not be able to lift Thor’s hammer?

The backlash appears to be coming from fans who are worried Captain Marvel will go the same way as The Last Jedi with its perceived agenda to push a gender…

Credit: Lucasfilm

They’re worried Social Justice Warriors (or SJWs for short) will ruin all their favourite franchises just like they did Star Wars.

All of this paranoia about SJW propaganda has Forced me to coin a new term for these types…

Social Justice Worriers

The negativity surrounding Captain Marvel is only getting worse as these newly named ‘Social Justice Worriers’ examine every bit of trailer and press footage to monitor even the slightest hint of gender politics.

Larson’s latest comments seem to have set them off again. Wow, who knew holding a hammer carried so much weight?

How did this become a gender thing???

Credit: Marvel Comics

Speaking of gender… haven’t you noticed that the inscription on the side of Mjölnir is rather gender-specific?

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

To use a term SJWs love to throw around, this is “problematic.”

Shouldn’t it be rewritten to say he or she?

Actually… that opens up another can of worms in an age of political correctness gone mad, let’s just keep it the way it is.

So, what do you guys think? I mean, guys and gals. I mean… forget it!!!

I’ll leave you with this hilarious scene from Age of Ultron that proves why lifting Thor’s hammer is not as easy as it looks…

Thanks for reading!

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