BRIEF: Area Man Totally Cool With Having 2,738 Unread Emails

After reviewing his notifications, local copywriter, Ricky Manilow, still has 2,738 unread emails in his inbox.

“Some are from Caesars Palace; I stayed there a while back. Some are from InterContinental Hotel Group offering me new ways to earn points on my next vacation. Some are from my mom.” Manilow added that he was unsure which of the 2,738 unread emails were from his mom, and which were Uber receipts.

When asked why he has 2,738 unread emails in his inbox, Manilow told reporters “it’s totally cool, I’m working on it.”

At press time, Manilow received several Glassdoor alerts about companies looking for copywriters, raising his number of unread emails to 2,745.