From left: Sluggo, Pinto, Swifty, Quicksilver and Frisky.

California Department of Motor Vehicles Spotlights Exceptional Customer Service Agents

Best of The Best Honored in Garden Ceremony

Sacramento, UPI

California Department of Motor Vehicles has announced the designees for its 2017 Exceptional Customer Service Award winners today. Each year branch managers submit the name of one employee to DMV commissioners for consideration in the prestigious award program. This year, five employees received the coveted award for consistently delivering a level of service and efficiency above and beyond expectations.

Assembled today were Sluggo, Lodi branch; Quicksilver, Borrego branch; Pinto, Modesto branch; Frisky, Oakland branch, and Swifty from Lake Tahoe. Swifty shocked the guests assembled at today’s ceremony, announcing his retirement from the DMV, to pursue a career as the poster model for the upcoming US Postal Service public awareness initiative.

The award winners assembled for a short ceremony, at which a delicious spinach leaf salad was served. After dinner, guests were invited to sample the delights of the surrounding garden. Tragedy was avoided when one of the wait staff identified Ortho Snail Pellets concealed among the young tomato seedlings. The toxic substance crew quarantined the area.

Award recipients posed for the photo above, shortly before being placed on produce delivery vehicles, each en route to a home destination of one of this year’s honorees.

Reporting by Hugh Jorgan, United Puns International

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