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Corporate Daddy Bracket Challenge: Round 1 Roundup

It’s all about the… crippling need to survive baby


The First Round

The Bracket

Round 1

Round 1 Matchup 1: (1) Walmart vs (16) Cardinal Health

Round 1 Matchup 2: (8) McKesson vs (9) AT&T

Round 1 Matchup 3: (4) Apple vs (13) Cigna

Round 1 Matchup 4: (5) CVS Health vs (12) Ford Motor Company

Door? Where we’re going we don’t need doors

Round 1 Matchup 5: (1) Amazon vs (15) Chevron

Round 1 Matchup 6: (7) UnitedHealth Group vs (10) AmeriSource Bergen

Round 1 Matchup 7: (3) Exxon Mobil vs (14) Costco

Round 1 Matchup 7: (6) Berkshire Hathaway vs (11) Alphabet (aka Google)

The New Bracket




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